Issue of March 2024 – Implementation of reporting obligations on investment activities of FDI enterprises in Vietnam

Dear Valued Clients,

ENT Law LLC (“ENT”) would like to send our respectful greetings and appreciation for your great cooperation in the past time.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 72 of Law on Investment No. 61/2020/QH14 dated June 17, 2020, Article 102 and Article 104 of Decree No. 31/2021/ND-CP dated March 26, 2021, investors/economic organizations executing investment projects are responsible for reporting activities to the investment registration agency and statistical agency where they are located on the status of investment project implementation. To ensure strict compliance with regulations on investment activities in Vietnam, ENT would like to provide guidance on execution of reporting obligations as follows:

1. Reporting contents: 

1.1. Annual Report of 2023 on the implementation of investment projects must be completed and submitted before March 31, 2024 according to form A.III.1 Circular No. 03/2021/TT-BKHDT of the Ministry of Planning and Investment prescribing templates for documents and reports related to investment activities in Vietnam, outward investment activities and investment promotion activities (“Circular 03”) (please find annual report template attached to this Alert).

1.2. Quarterly Reports of 2024 on investment project implementation must be made according to form A.III.1 Circular 03 (please find quarterly report template attached to this Alert), specifically:

+ The First quarter report before April 10, 2024.

+ The Second quarter report before July 10, 2024.

+ The Third quarter report before October 10, 2024.

+ The Fourth quarter report before January 10, 2025.

2. Reporting form

Shall be made online on the National Investment Information System, specifically:

– Step 1: Investors/Economic Organizations executing investment should access to the website:

– Step 2: Investor/Economic Organizations executing investment downloads report templates on the system, then completes the reports and updates them to the National Investment Information System.


The template report of this Client Alert can be found here.


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