Our legal fees are based on the degree of professional skills required, the additional resources due to the time constraint and estimate of time spent at our normal rates for certain work. They reflect the importance, difficulty, and complexity of the work and the professional experience of the lawyers and staff involved.

ENT Law is always flexible when it comes to fee structure and are willing to discuss with clients to find the most suitable legal fee solution for each specific case.

1. Package fee: If the scope of service that clients require is clear and we can practically estimate the volume of work as well as the time consumed (e.g., as in the case of company incorporation, legal due diligence, contract drafting or obtaining licenses), we can offer a fixed fee for the entire service. This would provide budget certainty for clients to not worry about cost overrun.

2. Retainer service fee: For clients using retainer service to seek advice on legal issues arising in their day-to-day business, we offer a bank of hours of our lawyers (typically ranging from 07 to 15 hours per month) for a fixed retainer fee payable on a monthly basis. With this arrangement, clients can request our assistance at any time and, as long as it is within the banked hours, will only need to pay the retainer fee.

3. Hourly rates: In more complicated matters that we cannot estimate our required level of involvement and the volume of work beforehand (e.g., negotiation of a contract or performance of lengthy transactions), we can charge for the time spent at reasonably hourly rates. Our current rates are subject to review at 01 January each year. Clients should reach out to us for detailed hourly rates for each specific work.