[NEW PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT] ENT Law LLC and Marunouchi Management Law Office


ENT Law LLC and Marunouchi Management Law Office

In August 2023, ENT Law LLC is pleased to announce our official partnership with Marunouchi Management Law Office, one of the most dedicated, outstanding, and experienced local law firms for small and medium-sized enterprises in Nagoya, Japan.


Recognizing the increasing influx of Japanese investors in Vietnam, and understanding the difficulties in navigating the intricacies of Vietnam’s legal framework on the establishment of businesses by foreign investors, ENT Law LLC and Marunouchi Management Law Office, after much deliberation and negotiation, have agreed to partner up with an aim to provide only the best legal services with maximized effectiveness solely for our most-valued Japanese clients.

ENT Law LLC and Marunouchi Management Law Office share a common goal in supporting enterprises, especially those which are small and medium-sized and currently looking for lucrative, sufficient, effective solutions to their legal issues and inquiries. Therefore, this partnership shall open up opportunities for both ENT and Marunouchi to reach out and provide our assistance to enterprises in their time of need.

With this partnership, we promise to assist our most-valued Japanese clients to the best of our abilities at a reasonable cost and within our areas of expertise mentioned hereunder:

  • Investment Advice;
  • Company Operation & Management;
  • M&A, other Commercial & Transactional Services;
  • Labor Issues & Inquiries;
  • Business Succession;
  • Banking Inquiries.

We are excited for the future and hopeful for the prospects of a successful partnership between ENT Law LLC and Marunouchi Management Law Office.


Marunouchi Management Law Office is a law firm in Nagoya, Japan that specializes in corporate legal affairs and is headed by the talented Managing Partner – Masashi Miyamoto who has been involved in over 200 small and medium-sized business problems so far. Based on the corporate philosophy of “Enriching the lives of everyone“, we provide multifaceted legal and management support to SMEs in the Tokai area, including Nagoya. In addition, we also provide legal services on legal risk management such as resolving labor issues and drafting contracts to prevent corporate troubles with an aim to better the society where the strengths of each business owner can be maximized and the regional economy revitalized. We strive to contribute to the development of your company. 


Established since 2015, ENT Law is proud to be a young and vibrant boutique law firm in the legal market of Vietnam. Combining the knowledge and experiences of the founding partners and the vigor and innovative thinking of our lawyers, we strive to deliver the best legal services to clients at the most reasonable cost.

Headed by Managing Partner Tran Si Vy, who has had more than 15 years of advising international and domestic clients, we have attained a profound appreciation that clients nowadays look not only for precise legal advice but also for practical solutions and demand not only quality but also quality within budget. Therefore, at ENT Law, we do not simply practice laws. We work hard to put ourselves in clients’ shoes, to understand clients’ needs and to become their trusted advisors from beginning to end of each transaction.





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